Phu Quoc Centre, 1 Tran Hung Dao, Phu Quoc

All day and late night bar - Phu Quoc Centre

Comfortable friendly bar open all day until late evening

The bar is open 24 hours a day. Open all day. Open all night.

You can eat a wide range of food here because you can choose from any of the Phu Quoc Centre restaurant menus, including our own menu

Bia Coc serves the best range of best quality craft beer and cocktails on Phu Quoc Island.

Prices start with a very good local craft beer at 25,000 VND and go up to the well known and widely considered "best" vietnamese craft beer, Jasmine IPA at 110,000 VND.

We have other drinks too. You can drink fruit juices, cocktails or bottled beer. We even have water.

Great atmosphere, top quality service and comfortable seats. We can easily accomodate groups of 20 people or more at one table.

Unusually for a bar, it's great for families with young kids too - there is a kids play area right next to the bar.

Our staff speak good English and Vietnamese. Friendly service. Top quality service.

We have a good quality pool table, which always has a great mixture of people playing.

The music here is very important to us. It's a part of what creates the great ambience in the bar. It's not loud music. Just good music. At least once a week we also have live music. Usually Saturday. Our resident musicians, Sovi and Ilya give us a sophisticated, late evening lounge sound with a unique edge that pulls it back from being too soft. We love it. Sovi and Ilya. Project Hazy.

We have Russian quality shisha and premium import quality tobacco.

We are only 1 minute walk from the night market and open much later than the night market, so when you've finished with the night market, pass by our bar and have a look. 50 metres straight across from the night market, on the left. In the Phu Quoc Centre.

Best quality breakfast on Phu Quoc

Fried Eggs with Bread

40,000 VND

Omelette with Bread

50,000 VND

Eggs & Bacon with Bread

40,000 VND

Omelette, Bacon with Bread

65,000 VND

Croissant Ham and Cheese

55,000 VND

Stewed Beef with Bread

70,000 VND

English Breakfast

95,000 VND

Croque Monsieur

70,000 VND

Croque Madame

80,000 VND

Sizzling Aus Beef

80,000 VND

Food & Drink

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All Day and Late Night Food and Drinks Menu

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All Day and Late Night Food and Drinks Menu

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Find Us

We are part of Phu Quoc Centre 50 metres from the night market.

You will find Bia Coc at the end of the mall.

Bia Coc Phu Quoc